About us

At Internet Yetu, we firmly believe that affordable access to the Internet should be a basic human right. We advocate for digital inclusion, digital accessibility, web literacy, cyber security, web openness and the decentralization of the Internet.

Our goal is to ensure the Internet remains trusted as a common global resource: open, affordable, unfettered and available to all as a safe medium for further innovation. Our startup aims to work toward that aim by engaging the youth in Internet Governance.

The problem

While the provision of access to the Internet remains a Key Public Issue(especially in developing countries) - as a necessary condition of digital participation in the economy and society - it is insufficient. Even where the networks and services are available, a large number of the population is unable to access these services affordably ; or use them optimally to enhance their social and economic well being unlike it happens in developed countries where levels of human development is higher.

It is a fact that those at the intersection of class, gender, disability, race or ethnicity , with generally low education, employment and income - are unable to harness the full benefits of the Internet.


1. Digital Literacy Program for the Disabled. 

The aim of our program will be to ensure that people living with disability know how to access the technology that they need to live their lives such as basic smartphone use to being able to use assistive technology such as screen reading softwares and access technology. We will also offer digital literacy & technical training and mentorship to help them get employment opportunities once the program is finished.

2.  Ambassadors program for the youth. 

We will accept Youth Ambassadors from various parts of the world and we'll offer them online training. Our curriculum has been developed by Internet Governance experts and at the end of the course, our ambassadors should be able to kickstart their participation in Internet Governance and the Open web activism. We could transform diverse communities in different regions of the globe simultaneously, through this program.

3. Events, Conferences and Workshops.

With the help of strategic partners, we will encourage locally and globally inclusive public discussion on the future of Internet Governance. We will also involve seasoned Internet Governance Experts and produce comprehensive Policy oriented reports and their subsequent promotions. We will then communicate our findings with senior stakeholders at other key Internet Governance meetings and events.

Who are we ?

We are enterprising youth leaders passionate about solving critical issues related to Internet Governance and Data Literacy. We are hoping to use this platform to champion for digital inclusion, digital equality, digital accessibility and human rights online. Find out about our amazing team here

You can help us

Make a difference today :-

  • Volunteer : You can make a difference by choosing a project of your choice . Register here
  • Information : provide information on any forms of opportunities that can help expand our outreach such as : grants, programs, events, conferences, summer schools etc.
  • Advice : on ways we can improve our programs, various curricula and implementation strategies.
  • Collaboration : with experts in different fields and continents to help us create creative yet educational content; to reach and engage a diverse audience of youth as possible.

Get Involved

Internet Yetu runs an open program and we are always looking for ways to partner and collaborate with related organizations and individuals around the world in order to achieve our goals. If you think you can help out in any of the above areas identified above, don't hesitate to contact us . Looking forward to having you on board.