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Recap: LinkedIn Workshop Nairobi

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Internet Yetu hosted a Linkedin Workshop in Nairobi on 13th October 2018, under our NetSquared Nairobi Program in partnership with Legibra, Netsquared and Techsoup Global. [1] As the official Netsquared Nairobi organizers, we are tasked with convening in-person meetups/workshops/events for members of Nairobi’s non-profit and technology community to share best practices, learn from one another and potentially collaborate on projects for real world impact. Capacity building is integral to Internet Yetu’s efforts to bridge the digital divide, and ensure everyone in society can optimally access services and content on the internet to enhance their social and economic well-being.


The Participants of our Linkedin Worskhop consisted of more than 30 individuals representing various sectors including: the Civil Society, the Private Sector, the Technical & Academic community and the General Public. The workshop was inclusive and those who aren’t experienced with Technology – Linkedin to be specific – found a friendly and welcome atmosphere. They were given many chances to ask questions and have all their issues addressed by the experts of the day.


The theme of the Linkedin Workshop was “Effectively Positioning your brand on Linkedin”. 

The sub-themes prioritized for discussion which helped in framing the discussions were:

  • Personal Branding on Linkedin.
  • Branding for corporates/non-profits on Linkedin
  • Search Engine Optimization on Linkedin

The themes were proposed by the experts of the day in collusion with members of our NetSquared Nairobi Meetup Group. Our meetup group currently has more 270 members and it is open for subscription by clicking here


The format of the Linkedin Workshop consisted of Three Presentations.

Session 1: Personal Branding on Linkedin.

This presentation was made by Mr James Njoroge – commonly known as “Njoroge the Marketer”. He has vast experience in Branding and Digital Marketing and he’s currently a Board Member of the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK). View and download his brilliant presentation here. 

Session 2: Branding for corporates/non-profits on Linkedin

This presentation was made by Miss Janet Machuka – a renowned Digital Marketing Specialist in Kenya and Africa as a whole. She’s also one of the Co-founders of AfricaTweetchat.

Session 3: Search Engine Optimization on Linkedin

The final presentation of the day was made by Mr Barry Onyango. He is the founder and CEO of Sparks Creative Solutions.

Networking Session

The Linkedin Workshop was not just talks and workshops, we had a networking session at the end. It gave participants the golden opportunity to meet the Facilitators of the day face to face. It was a great platform for everyone to share ideas and for participants to listen and learn more about how the Facilitators approach/conduct business on a day to day basis.

Our Facilitators of the day.

Additionally, giving the attendees the opportunity to mix and mingle, helped in building new relationships and strengthening existing ones. Participants had the chance to make a connection with future clients, prospects or even mentors. They shared a few laughs too.


Legibra are one of our most important partners, and they had nothing but encouraging and positive words to say about our event.

More Interesting tweets from participants…

Some Interesting take aways from Barry from the LinkedIn Workshop. His thread is a must read if you missed our event!


Our Linkedin Workshop was an invaluable experience to all the participants and it was insightful to say the least. Hosting “Tech4Good” workshops monthly will allow Internet Yetu’s Netsquared Nairobi Program to become a strong self-supporting local peer network that can provide ongoing Technology training and Support in Nairobi. In turn, this will allow Internet Yetu to bridge the existing digital divide one workshop after another and ensure Digital Equality in the region.

Our next workshop will be on Cybersecurity. We’re also donating Internet Security, Anti-virus and Total security Software to registered Non-profits in Kenya thanks to our partnership with Techsoup Kenya. The donations in form of Internet Security software are mainly meant to protect Non-profits from the most risky Cybersecurity threats to ensure they are much safer online. To RSVP for our next event:

Cyber Security Workshop

Saturday, Nov 10, 2018, 9:00 AM

Pitman House (Off Jakaya Kikwete Road) Nairobi, al

53 Members Attending

This interactive and dynamic workshop will allow you to: • Explore Cybersecurity fundamentals, standards and frameworks • Prepare an/Plan an integrated Information Security Management System (ISMS) • Identify your organisation’s cybersecurity maturity (for organizations and non-profits). • Develop strategies to advance security • Build the busines…

Check out this Meetup →


  1. Netsquared Nairobi Organizers 

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