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Mozilla Open Leaders Program

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Internet Yetu was recently accepted into the Mozilla Open Leaders Program. Open Leaders is Mozilla’s leadership development program that takes participants on a deep dive into becoming “Open by Design.” We’ll join a cohort of open leaders fueling the Internet Health movement and also receive mentorship and training through Mozilla in this 14-week program on working open. Our representatives in the Program are Brian Obilo and Cassandra Wachilonga. 

What are the benefits of this Program ?

[1] Over the course of the Open Leaders Program, Internet Yetu will:

  • receive ongoing 1:1 project help from Mozilla staff and mentors.
  • have access to a community of mentors, technologists and more.
  • complete modules and provide feedback on Open Leadership Training exploring best practices for project setup and communication, tools for collaboration, community building, and running events (This is very important considering Internet Yetu are the official Netsquared Nairobi organizers.)
  • get practical experience empowering others to collaborate on our projects.

Internet Yetu’s mentor during the Program will be the incredible Wathagi Ndung’u, Co-founder & Vice-President of Digital Grassroots. 

What does this Program entail?

[2] Bi-weekly cohort meetings where we’ll learn and discuss the different topics and get breakout sessions in between the sessions to interact more with other cohort A members. Mostly, the breakout sessions consists of 3 or 4 people and you have 1 or 2 questions/issues to discuss/review.

We had our first Bi-weekly cohort A meeting on Tuesday 18th September, 2018. It gave us an amazing opportunity to introduce our project and learn more about other open projects in our Cohort. Our mentors Abby Cabunoc & Cynthia Orozco also took the time to break down the Open Leadership Framework and Open by Design.

Cohort A has amazing projects and some of them are: The Rust Project (The Rust Project Produces the Rust Programming Language), The African Art of Social Engineering, Password Parties and Mozilla Festival Communications by Kevin Zawacki. Kevin Zawacki is the Editorial Lead at the Mozilla Foundation and the Foundation’s Chief Publicist. View all cohort A projects here. 

In the week between the cohort meetings, we’ll meet with our mentor (Wathagi Ndung’u) to discuss the progress and ideas to better Internet Yetu. We’ll constantly set milestones as we go and we’ll work towards them to make sure we implement whatever we learn in our project. Since this is the Fall Cohort, it feeds into the Mozilla Festival 2018.

In summary…

We’re elated to join this program because we’re highly interested in levelling up our Open Practices as an Organization. We were introduced to the Open Leadership Framework during the Global Mozilla Sprint (May 10-11th) – when we launched Internet Yetu as an Open Project. [3] The Mozilla Sprint exposed us to Open Leadership Principles, best Open Leadership practices, the Mozilla Network and the key Participation Basics. The contributions made to Internet Yetu during the sprint positively impacted us, and we’ve been on an upward trajectory since then. This is why we hold the firm belief that working and leading “Open” is the right way to go! #WOLO

We’re looking forward to growing and networking with the amazing members in the vast Mozilla Network. We’re passionate about meeting new people because there’s always something new to learn. If you have questions about working Open and what it means to be an Open Leader, read our article on “Open Leadership 101” by our very own Brian Obilo.


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